Software product saves you money

IN ORDER OF MEETING THE MARKET DYNAMICS and satisfying the manifold customer requirements, the Bulgarian company “GPS Control” JSC designed a new and exceptionally flexible both from software and financial point of view platform of the popular product for fleet monitoring and management – FIXY, which it will present during the Fall Technical Fair in Plovdiv this year. The financial parameters today are directly connected to particular goals and results. Each company strives to cut its costs as much as possible and to improve the quality in view of retaining its positions at the dynamically changing markets. The “GPS Control” new flexible software solution – FIXY FLEXY – provides the customers with the option to choose what exactly they want to monitor and analyze from the work of the fleet thereof, when and at what price. This means that for each one of your motor vehicles you may choose certain type of functionality or a set of functionalities according to your needs and current budget you have at your disposal.

The new version grants the freedom to each and any customer to choose which functionalities of FIXY to use according to the budget thereof – for example monitoring of the motor vehicles, records for the routes traveled, events during driving, log of each motor vehicle, directions, sending messages to the drivers, information from sensors, Web-based solution, etc. Another new element in the FIXY FLEXY system is the so called Green Trip. The main option for this module is sending set in advance series of routes from the dispatch center to the driver (driver’s navigation), observing the order of the routes set, automated signaling for the time remaining until the arrival at the respective destination, elaborate and extensive records for routes completed and observing the order thereof. Green Trip allows for two-way text connection with the driver and it has option for timely rerouting of the motor vehicle. The module also provides options measuring various parameters, such as sharp acceleration, sharp breaking, driving style, green routes (optimized routes – how with least kilometers traveled to cover maximum number of routes, which motor vehicle in particular, according to the route and task, to be sent and which road it shall take), through which the carbon footprint and the “green” image of the companies respectively is monitored and analyzed.