The developed by “GPS Control” JSC FIXY GPS System ensures real-time monitoring and control – 24 hours a day – which provides opportunity for complete and reliable constant control of the condition of your fleet.

Choosing the web version of the program FIXY - FIXY Web, you receive the full functionality of the desktop computer version:

• Constant monitoring of the working units – at any 20 seconds
• Constant information about their current location, date, time, speed and travel direction
• Replay of a route for a selected time period past, by criteria: driver and motor vehicle
• Automatic identification of the driver through RFID card – calculating distances / routes by the electronic map
• Complete information for the motor vehicle’s driver
• Motor vehicle’s visualization via Google Earth
• Blocking unauthorized attempts for access to the motor vehicle
• Various customer access levels, etc.
• Reporting driving: urban / rural
• Storage and analysis of the information received
• Preparation of waybills with included therein forecasted fuel consumption
• Preparation of a record for route traveled within and outside of the working hours (kilometers driven)
• Preparation of a record for the stays made
• Elaboration of overall and extensive records for route selected with included therein forecasted fuel consumption, by criteria: driver and/or motor vehicle
• Generation of full record for selected past day for all motor vehicles and drivers with included therein forecasted fuel consumption
• Associating various types of events to the motor vehicle, with the system automatically signaling to the user upon occurrence of any of them (exceeded speed, location or address visited, within / outside certain region)
• Generation of records for events occurred and alarms for certain time period
• Defining regions, areas, lines and points on the electronic map
• Export of data from the onboard computer / in case the motor vehicle type allows for such/

The data from the records are generated in various formats / *.xls, *.pdf / and they can be processed and transferred trouble-free in other office applications.

Important advantages of the FIXY application web version:
• The application is accessible through all types of devices: mobile phones, tablets, laptops
• No installation is required and the application is not dependent on the device’s operational system
• Using the FIXY application web version, you may choose between two types of maps: Google maps and OpenStreetMap.

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