FIXY Trans

FIXY Trans is an automated system for city /urban/ transportation organization, control and management. The system is able to service unlimited number of routes, motor vehicles and carriers. Each motor vehicle can be monitored, tracked, controlled and manage in real time, and the information update can be reduced to a second. The positioning and localization accuracy through the 12-channel GPS receiver used is up to 5 meters. The dispatch center, in addition to the connection with all buses, provides also opportunity for VPN connection with outsourced control centers, which can be mobile as well.

“GPS Control” JSC highly qualified team has developed exclusively for the needs of the mass city transportation the automated system FIXY Trans, which offers the following functionalities:

  •     Motor vehicle real-time location;
  •     Information about ahead of schedule arrival and delay;
  •     Information about stays;
  •     Information about the motor vehicle’s moment and average speed;
  •    Journeys made for a certain time interval, by selected route or carrier;
  •     Distance traveled by each motor vehicle;
  •     Panic button;
  •     Information display connecting the driver with the center;
  •     Issuance of schedules;
  •     Issuance of delivery order;
  •     Issuance of waybill;
  •     Report for all delays and operation ahead of schedule of certain route, driver or carrier;
  •     Report for hours worked by each driver and kilometers driven, other reports as per request of the assignor;
  •     Automated identification of the driver through RFID card;
  •     Information for fines;
  •     The use of the GSM network allows the system to operate anywhere in Bulgaria and abroad;
  •     Entry of zones;
  •     Information about fuel consumption;
  •     Voice connection between the driver with the center;
  •     Automated announcement for arriving at a stop and the time to the next one;
  •     Connection with automated stop boards for the schedule and the time of arrival of the motor vehicle from certain route, etc.


Benefits from the adoption of FIXY TRANS motor vehicles automated management system:

For the citizens:
•    information about the time of arrival of the respective bus
•    reliability of the transportation vehicles’ schedule
•    settlement of disputed matters for trips not made and delays
•    personal identification of each diver at any trip (in cases of complains from the driver)
•    security improvement (panic button, located at the bus’s driver)

For the municipality:
•    analysis of the movement ahead of schedule and the delays (change of the schedules during peak and off-peak hours)
•    control of the trips
•    control of the carriers
•    optimization of the schedules, benefiting the citizens
•    optimization of the costs for city transportation
•    settlement of disputed matters for trips not made
•    analysis and records for random former period
•    option for connecting to the dispatch center of the waste-collection machines
•    option for connecting to the snow-removal dispatch center

For the carriers:
•    real-time management and control of the own fleet
•   management and control of the drivers
•    costs control and optimization
•    settlement of disputed matters for trips not made
•    real-time information on the driver’s display for traveling ahead of schedule or delay along the route
•    information at outsourced dispatch location for the overall traffic
•    records for random former period for routes, trips, movement ahead of schedule and delays




Central Office

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