FIXY Guard

The motor vehicles and cargo FIXY Guard security system, developed by “GPS Control” JSC contains three basic elements:

  • The first element is the positioning device MC Guard itself, which is installed in a particular object and provides the geographic coordinates thereof at any second.
  • The second element is a specialized periphery of sensors to the device, used to prevent any unauthorized access.
  • The third element is the management and control center, which receives and processes the information received. 

МС Guard is a device having the full functionality of the MC5 Series devices and specialized periphery, settings and installation. Its intelligence allows it by itself to switch over different regimes of work in extreme conditions.  

In the management center is located the server which has the following functionalities:

  • Connection of each installed device in a motor vehicle with the dispatch center 24 hours a day;
  • It visualizes on a map the motor vehicles, the alarm type, data for the motor vehicle and the owner;
  • It organizes tracking and stopping the motor vehicles with lifted alarm.

The system’s efficiency is guaranteed also by the circumstance that the company has direct contact with the national police and a great number of private security firms, covering the territory of the whole country with operational groups, ready for immediate response in cases of occurrence of a critical situation. This organization allows for reaching the problem motor vehicle in a very short time, which is crucial upon prevention of thefts. 

Functionalities of the FIXY Guard system:

  • Driver’s automatic identification;
  • Setting into motion the system in cases of unauthorized access to and/or removal of the motor vehicle without it being turned on;
  • Registering theft attempts in real time, even before the owner being aware of the motor vehicle’s missing;
  • Determination of the exact location of the motor vehicle;
  • Immediate response and reaction;
  • Successful stopping and arresting.  

FIXY Guard security system advantages:

  • The instantaneous reaction of the system in cases of theft attempts within 5 to 15 seconds after the beginning of the event;
  • Immediate reaction and response of the closest teams on duty of the security organizations and/or regional departments of Ministry of Interior, which to a sufficient degree prevent the attempt for stealing the motor vehicle; In a number of cases the customer may not be aware of the attempt on the motor vehicle; the immobilizer makes it more difficult for the perpetrators and ensures additional response time;
  • The accuracy of the object’s localization is less than 5 meters;
  • The reliability of the system is also guaranteed by the fact that there are no elements of the device visible on the desk board or situated at easily accessible places, which may lead to its quick dismantling;
  • The small dimensions of the MC Guard device ensure better possibilities for hidden installation in the motor vehicle;
  • The autonomous supply ensures option for reaction upon loss of external supply, including signaling in the management center;
  • Switching over to higher level of protection in case of extended absence of the owner, which is implemented remotely through command from the control center;
  • The end price for the customer is significantly lower than analogical products sold on the market;
  • The identification of the authorized driver is implemented automatically and with high security, with no need of calling the dispatch center for placing the motor vehicle under security and new call for canceling it, which is characteristic for the functioning of similar competitive systems. This provides opportunity for reducing the customer’s monthly expenses to the paid initially subscription for the system.


If you are afraid that something bad may happen to your favorite new car…

If you are worried that the things you transport are not protected to the highest degree...

If you want to put a stop to all that… 

Take advantage of the service for 24 hours security of your motor vehicle FIXY Guard! 

Many individuals and legal entities use the FIXY Guard 24 hour security. Thanks to it the illegal encroachments on the motor vehicles were significantly reduced during the recent years.


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