MC Guard GPS device

The motor vehicles and cargo security system FIXY Guard, developed by “GPS Control” JSC, contains three basic elements:

  • The first element is the positioning device MC Guard itself, which is installed in a particular object and shows its geographic coordinates any second.
  • The second element is a specialized periphery of sensors to the device, which prevents unauthorized access.
  • The third element is the management and control center, which receives and processes the information received.

МС Guard is a device having the full functionality of the MC5 Series devices, as well as specialized periphery, settings and installation. Its intelligence allows it itself to switch over different work regimes in extreme conditions.


The device is one of the few products at the market at international scale allowing setting and upgrade through GPRS with no requirement for physical access thereto.


Each basic set includes:

  • Positioning device;
  • GPS antenna;
  • GSM antenna;
  • Cable set.


The following can be installed additionally:
Various types of sensors can be included to the MC5 GPS device, providing data for changes in the motor vehicle’s condition, location, movement (volumetric, shock), open door of the motor vehicle, as well as changes in the temperature in a refrigerator compartment, open tank, level of fuel therein, measuring the fuel consumption (fuel sensor, tank lid sensor, volume meter), etc. (panic button).
It breaks off the ignition of the motor vehicle’s engine. It blocks the attempts for unauthorized access to the motor vehicle. It can be managed from the device and through SMS from the software.
Identification of the motor vehicle’s driver through RFID card.
Reminds the motor vehicle’s driver that in order to start the journey identification on his behalf is needed.
Electronic security feature against motor vehicle’s theft. It prevents the ignition of the motor vehicle by unauthorized persons.
Other types of analogue and digital sensors as per customer request.


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