FIXY Software Program


FIXY – Powerful technology with rich functionality!


FIXY Software Program is an application which processes, analyzes and visualizes the data received from the installed in the motor vehicles GPS devices.  

The FIXY application is designed in such a way that it guarantees to the company using the product maximum security and data protection. This is a result of specific data encryption and various levels of access to the program on behalf of the users. The generated by the system information is visualized on the screen in real time. The data received is stored meticulously by the system and used for various analyses, records, references and reports.  

You can download the new version of the installation program here. Prior to that it is recommended to uninstall the program’s old version.


The web-based version is renewed automatically.

FIXY Access

The access to the program is divided in several levels as follows:

  • Admin - full rights user;
  • Super User - limited rights user;
  • User - operational rights user.

The different access levels allow the users to manage most efficiently the program.

Data entry

Any and all data for a motor vehicle, driver, users, groups, GPS devices, driver identification cards, forecasted fuel consumption of each motor vehicle, working hours, etc. are entered in the program by the client. FIXY stores, uses and visualizes such data providing utmost convenience to the fleet manager. The data can be edited at any time by the user having the respective rights to that regard.

Real-time Monitoring

FIXY provides the users with real-time monitoring and control of the movable objects 24 hours a day. The information for the location thereof is received each 20 seconds via GPRS data transmission channel. The system allows setting the interval for the information receipt from 1 to 15 seconds. The objects are graphically visualized on vector charts. If the object is moving it is visualized on the map in blue, and if it is motionless – in red. Thus on one hand the user can monitor all of the objects entered in the program, and on the other the user can select only one of them. For each selected from the list monitored object you receive complete information and its current location and status.

Route replay

In addition to being able to monitor the location of the objects in real time, the customer is able to see (replay) the routes completed and taken for selected by him day past. After the selection of the desired particular day and object, the program automatically downloads any and all completed by the object routes for the respective day. The routes are downloaded stating driver, time and departure address, as well as the time and address of the object’s stopping and stay. The routes completed are replayed visually, indicating the travel’s direction and speed, as well as the distance driven in kilometers, from the beginning to the present point of the route.

Entry of events

The FIXY software product allows the association of a different type of event to each object entered in the program (exceeded speed, in a region within a certain time period, outside of a region within a certain time period and panic key, sending / receiving a message upon existence of a display for two-way connection with the object/, etc. Subsequently the program reports and alarms the user upon occurrence of any of the events entered.

Entry of regions

Through FIXY the client is able himself to enter regions in the program according to his needs and desires. They can be of various types – area, line and point. The regions are outlined in a graphic form on the vector maps and allow the user to track the movement of the object within / outside the regions set. The user is able to define for each and every region name, colour, contour and filling /if the region is area/ for the purpose of making his work easier.


The program uses database with addresses for all of Bulgaria and Europe, as upon generation of various types of records the client receives comprehensive and exhaustive information about the exact location of the objects he is interested in. The data from the records is generated in various formats / *.xls, *.csv, *.qrp / and they can be processed and transferred trouble-free in other office applications. The records the FIXY generates are of several types:

Waybill /itinerary/: The record provides elaborate information for a selected motor vehicle and driver, including date and time of departure, address of departure, time of stopping, address of stopping, kilometers traveled and forecasted fuel consumption outside working hours, urban and rural traffic and driving.

General waybill: The record provides detailed information about all motor vehicles, entered in the program, including and indicating driver, motor vehicle, date, time of departure, address of departure, time of stopping, address of stopping, kilometers traveled and forecasted fuel consumption outside working hours, urban and rural traffic and driving.

General record: The general record generates summarizing information about all motor vehicles and drivers, summarizing the kilometers traveled and the forecasted fuel consumption for each one of them for a determined by the user period.

General record for movement by motor vehicles: The general record for movement by motor vehicles provides detailed information for all motor vehicles entered in the program, stating beginning and end of movement, distance traveled, time in movement, idle time, average speed, expenses for the motor vehicle, fuel costs per 100 kilometers, costs’ target figure, difference.

General record for movement by days: The general record for movement by days provides detailed information for chosen by the client motor vehicle, entered in the program, including and stating date, day, beginning and end of movement, distance traveled, time in movement, idle time, average speed, costs.

Fuel consumption record: The record visualizes the fuel quantity consumed for a certain time period in graphic and text form. The record makes easier the tracking of cases of fuel thefts. Record events: The record analyzes an event occurred for a certain time period, for a selected motor vehicle. The record shown represents an example with event FIRE alarm. The records for the remaining events are analogical and they may be requested from the user by different criteria.



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