If you have one or more motor vehicles probably there are dozens of problems you encounter on a daily basis. And if the monitoring of a single car or truck does not take up lots of time and efforts, the management of 10, 20 or more motor vehicles may take up to 80 % of the time of the manager responsible, often going beyond control. In the practice there are thousands of cases when the inefficient and unreliable control over the fleet is expressed in losses of large cash amounts and many investments poured down the drain.

And while the possibilities for legal gains are limited to one word only – “hard work”, the ways to lose cash are many:
• theft of fuel from the tank;
• theft of vehicles from the fleet;
• breaking the motor vehicle and stealing things left inside;
• risk of damaging the vehicle as a result of improper and rough exploitation on behalf of the driver;
• loss of clients as a result of non-compliance with the company standards for the service quality and speed;
• use of the motor vehicle by the driver for personal needs;
• improper determination of the motor vehicle’s location, and many more.

Through the introduction of the designed by us GPS Tracking System FIXY the risks related to the above described events are reduced practically to 0 %.

The FIXY System provides real time monitoring and control – 24 hours a day, allowing for complete and reliable continuous control of your fleet’s condition.

Using the FIXY System you will have no unwanted expenses and hidden fees.

Everything is transparent and easily understood.

You pay only what you use.

Maintained countrywide.

Assure your peace of mind and 24 hours continuous and reliable control over your fleet.



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