GPS Control entered the Romanian market

In addition to Bulgaria, Albania and out northern neighbor Romania the FIXY program is turning into a hit throughout the Apennines. The decrease of the income and cutting the costs of the companies inevitably leads to the adoption of so needed control over the companies’ fleet.

Regardless of the world economic crisis or in defiance of it, from May 26th to May 29th this year “Inter Expo Center” – Sofia will host the fair “Transport and Logistics”. The last news and designs in the sphere of the GPS technologies related to the fleet’s management will be demonstrated there. The newest applications of the FIXY program, design of the Bulgarian company “GPS Control” JSC will be among them.

During the recent years the company focused its efforts on improving the GPRS data transmission system, expanding the functional scope of the devices and entering the international market.

FIXY consists of a device and software for real time visualization and monitoring. MC5G is a multifunctional GPS/GSM/GPRS/Immobilizer device, used for fleets’ control, security and logistics. The communication between the device and the dispatch center is achieved with SMS packages or GPRS data, depending on the customer needs. The device transmits information through GPRS connection at each and any 20 seconds from the movement or stay of the motor vehicle. Through connecting sensors to the digital and analogue inputs various parameters of the condition and status of the motor vehicle or cargo can be monitored. In case the information could not be transmitted to the control center, it is stored in the device’s memory.

The system shows in real time where are the motor vehicles from the fleet, which of them are in motion, which are not, the direction of the motor vehicle’s movement. Based on this information the system offers an option for automatic elaboration of various records and the export thereof in Excell. The main records prepared by the FIXY system are the waybills. They include information about the driver’s personal data, for all routes completed by him or the motor vehicle for a certain time period, as well as the departure and arrival time, the distance traveled in kilometers and the rough fuel consumption for the particular route. The system may also include and prepare records on how many kilometers are traveled during working hours and outside working hours, and the rough fuel consumption.

Option also exists for the receipt of full information for the movement and stops of the motor vehicles, both in real time and recorded.

FIXY stores and analyzes any and all data from the movement and stops of the motor vehicles. The system offers opportunity for constant monitoring of the motor vehicles (the information is updated at each 20 seconds), constant information about their current location – date, time, speed, driving direction, stay made, etc., storing and analyzing the received information, and so on. The newest application – log / organizer – performs the functions of an online service book. It automatically analyzes and signals for pending or lapsed events, such as purchase of supplies and consumables (oil, filters, belts, etc.), implementation of service activity – annual technical inspection, tyre change, gas equipment inspection, as well as taxes and fees – vignette, insurances, etc.

The FIXY logistics program is an innovative product, which is exceptionally useful in the condition of economic crisis. It is reliable and easily used, while minimizing the financial costs of the companies having their own fleets. Through the program the work’s productivity and efficiency is raised, the fuel costs are reduced, the abuse at the work place is prevented, the work is more efficient, the fleet’s maintenance costs are reduced, etc.

This is the main reason for the logistics program to be in such high demand not only in Bulgaria, but also in a number of other European states.

The Bulgarian company has already also entered successfully the Romanian market. This necessitated the opening of a branch office in our northern neighboring state. The name of the company in Romania is “GPS Control R”. The product’s software is multilingual. It is already translated in Romanian, and in addition to that it is offered in Italian, German, English, Bulgarian and Albanian. Simultaneously with that “GPS Control” JSC is expanding its distribution network in Albania and Italy. Signing of contract is pending in the Apennines with three large companies for the distribution of the Bulgarian company’s products. The overall maintenance of the GPS systems, regardless which European country is concerned, is performed from Bulgaria. Thus the costs are reduced, and regardless where on the planet the customer is located he has no difficulty to take advantage of the services the GPS system offers.

Due to the decreased revenue and cost cutting of the local companies, in Greece great interest is also witnessed to the products of “GPS Control” JSC, which will inevitably lead to the so needed control over the motor vehicles. However considering the current uncertain situation there, the Bulgarian company prefers to wait for the normalization of the conditions in our southern neighboring state.

On account of that, in Bulgaria, “GPS Control” JSC has already doubled its distribution network and is in a process of further expansion thereof looking for new partners. In addition to the market expansion the Company constantly updates the products offered. After recently having updated the software, currently the company prepares a new device (hardware). It will have better functionalities, although at the same price regardless of the components becoming more and more expensive. The latter is due to the reduced inventory and higher demand, especially in Western Europe, where the market finally stirred again after the continuous crisis.