Full GPS Fleet Control

With its first steps yet the company “GPS Control” JSC proved its quality in the area of the GPS applications for fleet control, security and logistics, demonstrating excellent and creative solutions both at the Bulgarian and at the European markets. The international interest taken in it, the annual participation in the most prestigious and specialized exhibits and fairs, such as CeBit, the designed by the company exceptionally competitive and enjoying great popularity and demand product provide the company with the self-confidence, motivation and potential to be among the best ones at the market in this area.

The products from the MC and FIXY Series play a main role for the company’s success. The products from the MC Series are the system’s hardware part. They are designed and developed in a way allowing the tracking, synthesizing and sending actual and exceptionally diverse data to the FIXY operational software.

FIXY – powerful technology with rich functionality

The FIXY software program is the system’s client part, which processes the data received from the installed in the motor vehicles GPS devices, through data transmission GPRS channel. FIXY is a modern solution for managing the fleet’s work, using the last developments in the sphere of the GPS technologies. It is reliable and easy to work with, providing exceptional functionality and significant financial profits and benefits for each company having its own motor fleet.

The program transforms the received from the MC devices data, presenting it in various and convenient records. Regardless of the needs FIXY monitors any and all data and events received 24 hours a day from the equipped with MC devices motor vehicles, stores the data and has the capacity to prepare records and waybills for any current or former period. The records can be generated on base of a motor vehicle / driver, current / former time period, one or all motor vehicles / drivers.

All details and advantages of the FIXY logistics software system are accessible at the developer’s official web site: www.gpscontrol.bg