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This website is owned and operated by “GPS Control” JSC

The web-address and the services offered therein function under the conditions and rules described hereinbelow. The use of the website presupposes acceptance of any and all of the stated rules, terms and conditions. In case the user disagrees with one or more of the rules for using the site, he is entitled to refrain from the use thereof, otherwise it is automatically accepted that the user accepts all terms and conditions.

Rights of Use

General Definitions

The present Rights of Use settle the relationship between “GPS Control” JSC and any person (individual or legal entity) visiting the company’s internet site (hereinafter referred to as the “User”) in relation to use of information and services provided through the internet site, owned by “GPS Control” JSC. With the use of any link (hyper-connection) whatsoever at the site the User warrants and represents that he is aware of, accepts and will observe the present Rules for Use.

Comments. Any comments and opinions for the site, as well as such related to the corporation’s activity shall comply with the good manners and the site’s rules, with “GPS Control” JSC reserving the right not to post opinions with obscene, insulting and/or untrue contents.

Update and reliability. “GPS Control” JSC strives to present on its website most exact, true, updated and well organized information for the offered by the corporation services, products and activities. “GPS Control” JSC bears responsibility for the type of the information published, for the manner it is presented, for reliability and trustworthiness of the data according to the last update of the website.

Links. The links from “GPS Control” JSC website to other sites are created only for convenience of the site’s users. The corporation bears no liability for the contents of these sites and the results from the use thereof. Link to the site can be executed only and solely with the corporation’s consent and only for information suitable for any and all age groups. Links to this site can not be freely created, especially in documents containing false information for “GPS Control” JSC, information, which can be found as unsuitable, insulting or disputed.

USER’S Rights and Obligations

Upon using the services at “GPS Control” JSC website the User shall:

  • comply with the Rules of Use, as well as with any other terms and conditions provided for in the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and in the international legislation, even of not explicitly stated in the present Rules of Use;
  • not reproduce the information from this site for commercial or public purposes without the explicit consent of “GPS Control” JSC. The use of information and other materials from the corporation’s website is permitted only provided that the source of the information is indicated and it is related to “GPS Control” JSC business activity. Upon such indication the following is expected to be stated: exact URL address; “GPS Control” JSC and the name of the website which is indicated.
  • not use this website for the purpose of presenting and/or distributing materials which do not comply with the applicable effective Bulgarian and/or European legislation, which can have negative impact on the physical, emotional or social development of underage persons, shall not promote or encourage the use of violence, shall not promote extremist political ideas or ones which would lead to race or ethnical hatred, nor materials undermining the human dignity or upon presenting political ideas or events insult the people and incite disrespect of the people’s point of view;
  • provide true, exact, correct, actual and complete information for themselves upon completion of the feedback form and posting opinions, proposals and/or comments;
  • be entitled to receive system messages related to the new services, products and/or activities, or to changes in the conditions and manner for using the current services of “GPS Control” JSC;
  • The User is liable for any and all activities performed thereby.

Accepting the present Rules of Use the User agrees the provided by him data to be processed by “GPS Control” JSC electronically in case of requested delivery of goods or services and in case of requesting support from an employee of the company.

”GPS Control” JSC Rights and Obligations:

  • to keep the confidentiality of the correspondence, not disclosing any personal information provided by the persons without their prior consent, unless required under the legal regulations in effect;
  • It reserves the right to use the Users’ IP addresses for disclosing their identity in the cases when required in compliance with the law, legal procedures or for the purpose of observing the present Rules of Use;
  • It is entitled to undertake the respective measures if the user with his actions undermines the corporation’s reputation and name, uses texts with obscene or insulting contents, opinions and/or comments of discriminatory nature, information, which is under the copyright protection, which violates intellectual property rights, or which is indecent, defamatory, threatening, offensive, insulting, hateful or hurtful;
  • to guarantee that the contents of all advertisements on the website, as well as the reserved trade marks they are related to do not contain obscene and/or insulting information, promote and/or spread religious, ethnic and/or political ideas, and upon established impropriety of the data provided by the User the contents violate the legislation in effect in the Republic of Bulgaria, international legal regulations or threaten the work of the programming and technical means used for the services’ provision;
  • the liability is born by the advertisers only;
  • It is entitled to change and amend the technology and design of the provided services with no advance notification.

In case illegal and/or improper actions under the present paragraph exist, “GPS Control” JSC is entitled to use any and all technological and legal measures for finding the offenders and notifying the competent authorities.

In case of illegal actions under the previous paragraph of the present rules and upon request by the competent authorities under the provisions stipulated in the acting legal regulations of the Republic of Bulgaria, “GPS Control” JSC shall be entitled to provide all of the information available for the actions and identity of the user.


Personal data protection

With the registration as a user at, you grant consent for your personal data to be processed by “GPS Control” JSC for purposes related to your registration in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act. users are entitled to an access to the personal data thereof (according to the Personal Data Protection Act), as well as to request changes or erasure of their personal data, being entitled to file complains upon illegal and/or improper processing of the data concerning them (under the provisions and subject of the terms and conditions of the Personal Data Protection Act).

“GPS Control” JSC is entered in the “Register of Personal Data Administrators and the Personal Data Registers kept by them” of the Republic of Bulgaria under ID No: 203594/29.10.2009.

Responsibility for the information

“GPS Control” JSC bears no responsibility in cases of violations and interruptions of the work and capacity of the programming or technical functions of the internet operators or of the telecommunication connections in and/or outside of the country in case the user is not able to use partially or fully the functionalities of the services provided.

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