10 years GPS Control

One of the few local companies in the sphere of the GPS technologies – “GPS Control” JSC celebrates its tenth anniversary. The Company was established in 2001 with subject of business activity design, development and introduction of information and telecommunication systems and networks, localization and monitoring of objects for control of transit cargo, of excise cargo, motor vehicles, vessels, railway cargo, etc. It is one of the first companies in Bulgaria operating with the GPS applications for fleet’s control, security and logistics. The company’s first project, started in November 2001, is the adopted GPS system for motor vehicles and cargo security at the territory of Europe. The company built one of the first 24 hours dispatch centers in the country, which together with the law and order bodies both at private and public level guarantees to its customers fast and timely response in cases of attempts for illegal encroachments on the secured motor vehicle or cargo.

The FIXY logistic program is among the most popular designs of GPS Control. It is reliable and easily used, and at the same time optimizing the financial expenses of the companies having own motor fleet. Through the program the work’s productivity and efficiency is raised, the fuel costs are reduced, the abuse at the work place is prevented, the work is more efficient, the fleet’s maintenance costs are reduced, etc. The FIXY software program processes the information received from the GPS devices installed in the motor vehicles, through data transmission GPRS channel.